Get yourself some sweet photos!

I am a storyteller photographer who recently moved to Southern California. I have traveled to and done portraits and weddings in various parts of the United States and all over the world. 


For a limited time:


The free session is transferable and should be taken within a month.

For all packages:  You’ll receive 10 high-resolution images of your choice in digital download and a personal gallery so you can share with friends and family and buy prints.

Duo package:  $200 (for 1-2 people)
Family package:  $230 (for 3-5 people)
Group package: $350 (groups between 6-9 people)

The shoot will take place outdoors at a location of your choice. I live in San Dimas and am willing to commute up to 15 miles from home to meet you and take some beautiful portraits of you. You may bring one or two outfit choices.

All sessions are up to 45 minutes, except for the Group package which includes an extra 15 minutes of session time. Pets are welcome!.

We have some great locations that are "free" to shoot at in San Gabriel Valley, there are also spots that do require professional photographers to supply proof of insurance and obtain a permit in advance of the shoot. I do ask that all permit fees be paid in addition to the session retainer at the time that your permit is initially requested.